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FedEx Ground


Paul Ford


North Charleston, South Carolina


Civil Engineering Design, Permitting Services, Project Management, Bidding & Construction Support

FedEx Ground is a site planning and development project located on a 45-acre site adjacent to Palmetto Commerce Parkway. The property fronts the future extension of Weber Boulevard, which is currently under construction and was designed by Reveer, and will be the location for a new distribution hub for FedEx Ground. 

Reveer Group, with Paul Ford acting as Project Manager and Brad Mustain serving as the lead engineer, designed this project which includes site layout and grading; stormwater drainage collection, conveyance, and management; construction plans; a SWPPP report; utility coordination and design; pavement marking and signage; permitting services; and construction support.  Permitting requirements for FedEx Ground included City of North Charleston Planning & Zoning and MS4; SCDHEC BoW, NOI, and CZC; SCE&G; Charleston Water System; and North Charleston Sewer District.

The project required coordinated precision in order to assure adequacy and consistency of access to the site from Weber Boulevard extension, a 3,200 linear foot road extension, which will be under construction simultaneously with FedEx Ground. Sewer construction, construction/site access, and coordination with SCE&G was carefully staged to ensure both projects can be completed with minimal interruption to the 2 contractors delivering Weber Blvd. Extension and the FedEx Ground project.

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