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Innovative solutions for complex challenges

Reveer Group is a civil engineering firm offering 

engineering consulting, planning, and design

services throughout the state of South Carolina.

Reveer focuses on civil engineering, land 

development and infrastructure projects. 


As civil engineers, we are constantly working to build innovative projects that are sustainable, effective, and inspiring. From site development to program management, we cover all aspects of your project. At Reveer Group, building in the most complex environments is not only possible, but successful.

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With our state of the art technology, we are equipped to best visualize projects and prepare your site for work. You can relax and rest assured that Reveer Group has it covered. We carefully examine every aspect of your project and prepare the site for any challenges you may face. We deliver creative and cost-efficient designs that shape communities. Reveer is well equipped to deliver complex redevelopment sites, industrial development projects, master planned communities and commercial development sites.

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With efficient and effective methods, Reveer offers expertise on a full-spectrum of water-related services. We partner with public and private-sector clients to identify and address modern day obstacles and opportunities. This is especially important in an environment as unique and delicate as South Carolina's. Reveer Group's water and sewer experience extends to water distribution, elevated water storage tanks, and sewer collection.


We are committed to creating infrastructure solutions and providing quality services that improve roadways and enhance the communities they connect. We design primary and secondary roadways, urban streets, intersections, and major highways.


We make sure your land is used effectively and ethically, while considering how each plan may affect the economy and environment. At Reveer our team is well-versed in the modern development climate so we can help our clients remain competitive in this dynamic industry while minimizing community and environmental impacts.

via City of North Charleston Flickr

via City of North Charleston Flickr



Reveer uses proven methodologies and technologies to achieve your transportation goals and in turn, strengthen communities and quality of life. We address complex challenges resulting from population growth, large traffic volume, overworked transportation networks, aging infrastructure and expanding public transit.


Whether building a brand new facility or preparing a community for growth, successful results begin with comprehensive planning and program management. Our decades of experience in engineering and consulting are reflected in our approach to planning and programming. Our process is based on careful communication and active engagement with you and project stakeholders, creative problem-solving and idea development. Understanding the dynamics of the community where a project resides results in a more effective strategy to delivering successful projects.

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