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We're committed to
creativity and innovation.

Reveer is leveraging new technology to conquer our clients' challenges.

Technology is changing the face of the engineering world and Reveer is focused on bringing innovation to the forefront of our industry. One of the hardest things to accomplish on a project is managing the expectations of clients and stakeholders, and effectively communicating intent to a questioning public. 

At Reveer, we use tools as a part of our normal project workflow that bring great value to the design process.

We have found that combining data from civil design programs into a single, comprehensive 3D model, early in the design process allows us to better visualize each stage or alternative of a project, allowing us to make better design decisions and easily keep stakeholders informed. The model is then refined as the project progresses in order to better communicate major design decisions or show alternatives for consideration. After design completion, the model will be accurate enough to be used for quality assurance during construction.

Project Visualization



Plan sets and technical drawings have been the industry's go-to visualization method for decades, but these 2D drawings cannot effectively communicate issues and alternatives. Many times a still image can express an idea or concept much more clearly.




We can create online maps to show the scope of a project. Our maps include panoramic views of chosen locations and provide our clients an

in-browser 3D environment.



Some issues and questions require more than just a still image to convey a concept. We can create a videos to help our clients see all sides of a complex issue.



Using the most advanced technology, we can create Virtual Reality models that illustrate and communicate project challenges in a 3D, interactive environment so our clients can experience sites first-hand.

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