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Blue House Road Extension


Blue House Road Extension


Paul Ford


North Charleston, South Carolina


Civil Design, Permitting and Utility Infrastructure Engineering Services

The Blue House Road Extension project provides access to a 20‐acre tract of land that is currently planned for much anticipated retail development. The project extends Blue House Road approximately 3,800 feet southerly to the intersection of Ingleside Boulevard and Weber Boulevard. Acting as project manager, Paul Ford coordinated with project stakeholders, Subconsultants, and the client representatives while also managing the Reveer team performing Roadway and Utility Infrastructure design.


West Mauney served as staff civil engineer on the project. The design work on the project included roadway typical sections; horizontal and vertical alignments; pavement design; access to adjacent parcels; stormwater collection, conveyance, detention and quality treatment; tree removal, protection, and mitigation; sediment and erosion control; signage and striping; underground power coordination; streetscaping & lighting; and ADA and pedestrian appurtenances. Permitting required for the project included SCDOT Encroachment; City of North Charleston MS4, Encroachment, Planning & Zoning, and Public Works; and SCDHEC CZC, NPDES and NOI.


The project required close collaboration with the SCDOT and the City of North Charleston because of safety improvements required on both Blue House Road and its intersection with US Hwy. 78. Blue House Road was converted to right-in/right-out to eliminate a safety issue for left turners attempting to head west toward Summerville. Furthermore, the southern portion of Blue House Road is located within the I-26 right-of-way so planned improvements were reviewed and approved by the FHWA. The Blue House Road Extension project was bid in the beginning of 2017. Bids came in under budget and the project was awarded and is currently under construction.

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