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Inside Reveer: Cyndy Bohannon

Title: Business & Finance Manager

Date Joined: 2/8/2016

Where are you from?

Chesapeake, Virginia

Where did you go to school?

Virginia Intermont College

What drew you to Reveer Group?

I wanted to be a part of something great and I believe that is exactly what Reveer is going to be.

How would you describe the culture around the office?

Engaged, hardworking & excited.

What values of Reveer Group do you most identify with?

Building relationships on trust & credibility and being flexible & open to change.

What team are you cheering for?

I love football and am always excited for a new season. WVU is my college team but (because of the hubby) I pull for UGA too – we’re lucky they are in different conferences. NFL – I will always root for the Dallas Cowboys.

Describe yourself in one word.


What is your favorite movie ?

Definitely ‘Old School’.

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