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Airport Connector Road


Ken Burger


North Charleston, South Carolina


Project Management, Roadway Design, Permitting, 

Reveer is currently serving as the lead consultant on the Airport Connector Road project for Charleston County. The project will provide a new route to the Charleston International Airport, relieving traffic congestion by providing direct access from I-526 and West Montague Avenue. 

Developed from a study in 2009, which was led by Rhett Reidenbach at his former firm, the project was originally part of the Airport Area Infrastructure Improvements Program. The program proposed a new road to the airport and recommended that the new road be relocated from International Boulevard to West Montague in order to keep the commuting public and airport traffic from traveling through Boeing’s campus; effectively allowing International Boulevard to be converted to a “Boeing Only” road. The Airport Area Infrastructure Improvements Program was put on hold in 2015 due to a clear zone issue between Boeing and the Charleston County Aviation Authority.

In late 2016 and early 2017, Boeing and the Charleston County Aviation Authority agreed to a land swap that rectified the clear zone issue and allowed Charleston County to re-bid the project. Reveer Group was selected as the lead consultant. The conceptual alignment currently developed for the project consists of a new 5-lane roadway starting at West Montague Avenue and proceeding westerly for approximately 1.24 miles to intersect with Michaux Parkway and an additional 1.2 miles of 5-lane roadway running northerly to connect to the existing entrance to the Charleston International Airport.

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